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Woody Allen-Philip Roth, separados al nacer?

Friday, September 30, 2005

The Estranged Twins

Hace tiempo que encontré este artículo y deseaba ponerlo aquí. Más que diferencia, Alex Abramovich ve coincidencias misteriosas en la carrera de estos dos tipos. A lo mejor le interesa a alguien.

"There are differences, of course: Philip Roth is a Newark native who now lives as a virtual recluse in the Connecticut woods. Woody Allen was raised in Brooklyn, lives in a penthouse on the Upper East Side, and mixes with musicians and starlets. Roth went to the University of Chicago and was writing film criticism for the New Republic by age 24. Allen was kicked out of NYU and CUNY and never finished college. Roth is tall, dark, and handsome. Allen is none of these."